Professor Anton Bovier

Institut für Angewandte Mathematik Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

March 3, 2009

EURANDOM, Laplace Building TU/e, Green Lecture Room (LG 1.105)


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Welcome by Professor Onno Boxma, Scientific Director EURANDOM

Professor C.J. van Duijn, Rector Magnificus Eindhoven University of Technology
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Metastability is a common phenomenon in non-linear stochastic dynamics. In this lecture I will give a a survey of situations where this is of importance, ranging from condensation of vapour to crashes in financial markets. At the same time I will give an overview of mathematical models and ideas that have been used and developed to tackle with problem form the time of Eyring and Kramers to current developements.

Short Biography

Anton Bovier studied physics at the University of Bonn, the California Institute of Technology, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1986 under the supervision of Prof. Jürg Frohlich. After that he held post-doctoral positions at the University of California at Irvine, Bonn University, the Centre de Physique Theorique in Marseilles, and at the University of Bochum. In 1992 he became first deputy head, and from 1994 head of the research group ``Interacting Random Systems'' at the Weierstrass-Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics in Berlin. From 2005 he was simultaneously full professor of mathematics at the Berlin University of Technology. In 2008 he moved to the University of Bonn, where he now holds the Chair of Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

The research of Anton Bovier has been focused on the application of probabilistic methods in problems from mathematical physics. His most significant contributions concern the statistical mechanics of disordered systems, notably spin glasses and the Hopfield model, random dynamics in complex environments, in particular, phenomena of metastability and ageing. He has written more than 100 original research papers, one monograph, and has co-edited several proceedings volumes. He has co-organized a large number of scientific conferences and schools, most importantly a 4-week summer school on Mathematical Statistical Physics in Les Houches in 2005. He has given a large number of lecture series around the world and was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2006 in Madrid. He has been a frequent visitor to EURANDOM and is member of the advisory board of the Random Spatial Structures group.

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                             INVITATION for LECTURE SERIES by

                                            Professor Anton Bovier

              Institut für Angewandte Mathematik Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

                                  EURANDOM, Laplace Building TU/e, Green Lecture Room (LG 1.105)

Dates: March 11-17-20, 2009
Time: 10.30-12.30 h.
Place: EURANDOM, Laplace Building, LG 1.105
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Ageing: from trap models to spin glasses

This will be a survey the role of extremal events in random motion on random media. We will study simple trap models in iid enviroments and their relation to Levy processes and later turn to random walks on hypercubes in both iid and correlated environments. We will see the close relation between universality of Poisson processes of extremes and Levy processes as universal clocks in ageing systems.

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