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As part of our mission STAR wants to attract and train the most talented students and junior researchers worldwide.To achieve this, STAR finances positions in several projects. For several researchprograms there are researchers appointed who are partly funded by STAR. In the overview below you will find the pending programs and their researchers:

Project starts in 2012 Start/end-date Joint cooperation/sole Pos. Researchers
Metastable and cut-off behavior of stochastic processes 2012-2013 Eindhoven University of Technology PD Julien Sohier
Stochastic Analysis of road traffic Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2014 University of Amsterdam & CWI/Eindhoven University of Technology & Eurandom PhD
Péter Kovács
Infinite queueing networks with blocking and interacting particle systems Oct 2012 - Oct. 2014 VU University Amsterdam/CWI PD Alexander Walsh Zuniga
Random walk in dynamic random environment beyond cone-mixing Sept 2012 - Sept. 2014 University of Leiden/CWI PhD Stein Bethuelsen
Dynamic pricing and Revenue Management January 2013 VU University Amsterdam/CWI PhD
Dirk Sierag
Bayesian marginal distributions Feb. 2013 VU University Amsterdam/University of Amsterdam PhD Stephanie van der Pas
Modeling gene regulatory networks: an integrative Bayesian approach Feb. 2013 VU University Amsterdam PhD Mehran Aflakparast
Hidden symmetries, new and dual models of interacting particle systems Jan. 2013 University of Delft/Groningen University PD
Alex Opoku
Project starts in 2010 Start/end-date Joint cooperation/sole Pos. Researchers
Random Polymers Oct. 2010 - Sept. 2011 University of Leiden/CWI Ass.  Prof. M. Heydenreich
Sandpile models in neuroscience Nov. 2010 - Nov. 2012 Eindhoven University of Technology/Radboud University Nijmegen Ass.  Prof. W. Ruszel
Network Congestion Apr. 2011 - Apr. 2013 University of Amsterdam Ass.  Prof. N. Walton
Financial mathematics Sept. 2011 - Sept. 2013 University of Amsterdam Ass.  Prof. M. Pistorius
Modeling brain networks dynamics Oct. 2010 VU University Amsterdam PhD B. Roś
Multilayered queueing systems Sept. 2010 Eindhoven University of Technology/CWI PhD J.L. Dorsman
Nematic transitions for lattice rod models Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012 University of Groningen/University of Utrecht PD S. Taati
Bayesian adaptation using Gaussian priors Feb. 2010 Eindhoven University of Technology/VU University Amsterdam PhD B. Szabo
Bayesian inference for diffusion equations Oct. 2010 University of Delft/Eindhoven University of Technology PhD M. Schauer
Stochastics models for emergency care Aug. 2011 VU University of Amsterdam/CWI PhD S. Ding
Self-organized criticality May 2010 - May 2011 VU University of Amsterdam/CWI PD A. den Boer-Fey
Network modelling with noisy ODEs using Gaussian processes Apr. 2011 University of Groningen PhD A. Mohammadi

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