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Information for master students

STAR researchers are involved in various collaborations that offer specialized master level courses in stochastics. The most important ones are: Please follow the links above for information about the courses that are currently offered.

Occasional courses

In addition to the regular programs, interesting occasional master courses in stochastics are regularly offered at the different institutes affliated to STAR. Information can be found by following this link.

Information for PhD students

Many of the more advanced master courses are also suited for beginning PhD students in stochastics. In addition, PhD courses are offered by LNMB and the "Aio Netwerk Stochastiek". LNMB offers regular courses throughout the academic year, the Aio Netwerk organizes a yearly meeting in the spring where prominent probabilists and statisticians are invited to give minicourses. See these links for more information:

Research seminars

At various places seminars are regularly organized to discuss ongoing research on a particular topic in stochastics. For more information, follow this link.

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