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Stochastics is important both as an enabling technology and as a scientific discipline. Over the years, the Dutch stochastics community has built up a broad spectrum of active working relations with researchers from physics, biology, medicine, economics and industry. In addition, it has begun to coordinate its MSc and PhD educational programs at the regional and national levels. It aims to contribute to society, while engaging in stochastics as an important and exciting field of scientific research.
The stochastics cluster, STAR, pushes Dutch stochastics further to the international forefront and allows the Dutch stochastics community to attract and train the most talented students and young researchers worldwide. It gives a much needed impulse to under-represented fields and strengthens the existing leading position in well-represented fields. The cluster leads to more critical mass in stochastics, and further stimulates the interaction of researchers from probability theory, statistics and stochastic operations research with researchers from other disciplines.

NWO decided on December 10, 2009 to contribute 1,5 million euro to stochastics. From this money mainly positions (postdocs, PhD students and assistant professors) will be sponsored.
With this grant NWO supports the mathematics cluster ‘Stochastics - Theoretical and Applied Research’ (STAR), that was founded on May 15, 2009 as fourth member of the group of mathematics clusters. 

The board of exact sciences of NWO decided in September, 2011 to contribute 1 million euro, spread out over 2 years, to stochastics.
With this grant NWO supports the mathematics cluster ‘Stochastics - Theoretical and Applied Research’ (STAR). STAR is the fourth member of the group of mathematic clusters.







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Key topics:

General Methodology

Mathematical statistical Physics

Stochastics and the life sciences

Stochastic Networks

Stochastic finance and econometrics




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