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About Eurandom



Eurandom is part of STAR, Stochastics- Theoretical and Applied Research, the Cluster in Stochastics.

Eurandom collaborates with CWI (the national NWO research institute in mathematics and computer science) and with various national research schools in The Netherlands, including WONDER (Dutch Research School in

Eurandom is a UMI (Unité Mixte Internationale, 3022) of CNRS. This means that French scientists can apply for a one or two semester stay at the institute.

Eurandom is member of ERCOM (European Research Centres On Mathematics) which  was founded in 1997, and academic institutional member of the European Mathematical Society. Ercom is a committee of EMS; ERCOM consists of European research centres in mathematical sciences (there are around 20 to 25 members).
Directors and administrators of the member institutes meet once a year to discuss scientific and administrative issues, to coordinate scientific actions, and to exchange ideas and information.

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tel. +31 40 2478100 
  e-mail: info@eurandom.tue.nl