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Stochastic Activity Month



Eurandom organizes 2 theme months, the so-called Stochastic Activity Months, per year. These will mostly take place clustered around a workshop, if possible one of the YESP (Young European Stochastic Professionals) workshops. This successful series of lectures is aimed at young scientists in stochastics and helps them to establish a strong international network.

During a SAM, workshops will be organized as well as seminars and/or lecture days. The goal is to bring a sizeable group of national and international researchers together. Each year, at least one of these months will be devoted to a multidisciplinary subject.




10. SAM on NETWORKS (September 2017)

9. Stochastic Operations Management (November 2016)

8. Probability and Analysis (March 2016)

7. Random Walks in Random Environment (March 2015)

6. Probability and Combinatorics (January 2014)

5. Queues and Risk (March 2013)

4. Random Polymers (January 2013)

3. Stochastic Operations Management (September 2012)

2. Scaling Limits in Spatial Probability (February 2012)

1. Stochastic Modelling and Analysis of Networks (April 2011)




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