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Eurandom in the News



September 2014 - Onno Boxma received the 2014 Arne Jensen Lifetime Award at the 26th ITC, Karlskrona, Sweden!!
Prof. Friedrich Götze received a Royal Decoration (Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau). His work to strengthen scientific collaboration between Germany and the Netherlands, and supporting Eurandom since its start in 1998 has earned him this very special honour. (more...)
July, 2014 - The board of TU/e has appointed Maria Vlasiou Associate Professor. Congratulations Maria!
July 2014 - STAtOR publishes article on the celebration of the 80th birthday of the founding father of Eurandom: Willem van Zwet. (STAtOR)
May 15, 2014 - Florian Simatos received ACM SIGMETRICS Rising Star Researcher Award 2014 !! (ACM)
April 24, 2014 - Jaron Sanders and his colleagues from the Physics Department (Rick van Bijnen, Edgar Vredenbregt, Servaas Kokkelmans) have received news that their paper on "Wireless Network Control of Interacting Rydberg Atoms" has been published in Physical Review Letters
January 13, 2014 - Elena Vatamidou received the best student paper award at MAM8 (8th International Conference on Matrix-Analytic Methods in Stochastic Models) for her paper "Corrected phase-type approximations of heavy-tailed queueing models in a Markovian environment". It was written jointly with Ivo Adan, Maria Vlasiou and Bert Zwart.
                March 21, 2013 - Jaron Sanders en Jevgenijs Ivanovs are awarded the annual Master's Thesis Award and the annual Ph.D.Thesis Award by the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (link)

February 22, 2013 - Remco van der Hofstad and Mark Holmes have written a paper, which has been accepted for publication in ANNALS OF MATHEMATICS (Eurandom report series 2013-004).(link)


October 31, 2012 - Peter van de Ven wins Beta PhD Award 2012
This award is given to the best PhD thesis in Operations Management within the Beta research school. From New York, he responds: `I am honored to receive this award. Beta is a multidisciplinary research school targeted at connecting theory and practice. It is great to see that my research is appreciated within Beta.’

October 15, 2012, Eurandom alumni, Johan van Leeuwaarden has received a prestiguous award at the INFORMS meeting in Phoenix, USA:
the Erlang Prize. Congratulations Johan!
On September 27, Eurandom PhD student Kamil Kosinski successfully defended his thesis "Gaussian and Levy-driven queues".

Kamil got cum laude; this is a distinction that is only awarded to at
most 5% of PhD theses at TU/e. A cum laude committee of TU/e, advised
by some experts from abroad, judged the thesis to be exceptionally strong.
Prof.dr. Harry van Zanten was awarded a VICI-grant for his proposal: fundamentals for non-parametric Bayesian statistics. For more information: http://www.tue.nl/universiteit/nieuws-en-pers/nieuws/01-02-2012-vici-voor-van-zanten/
Dr. R.J.A. Laeven has been appointed Professor of Risk and Insurance at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Economics and Business. For the full Press Release please see:
Maria Vlasiou was rewarded a NWO Meervoud grant for her research project 'Layered queueing networks'. For more information please visit http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOP_8PDESA


November 2011.
Christian Giardina received an Italian grant for his research project 'Stochastic processes in interacting particle systems: duality, metastability and their application'. The granting scheme is FIRB-Futoro in Ricerca. The grant is comparable with the Dutch Veni-Vidi-Vici grant. 
  September 2011
On September 30, 2011 Michiel Jansen and his wife got twins. The names of the boys are Ferre and Tuur.

May, 2011.
Niek Bouman received the best student paper award at the ValueTools 2011 conference, for his paper, entitled "Stability of Spatial Wireless Systems with Random Admissible-Set Scheduling".


April 18 2011, Onno Boxma is this year's recipient of the ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award.
The citation for his award reads "For outstanding contributions to queueing theory and exceptional leadership in the performance evaluation community".
January 2011, Peter van de Ven was awarded with the 2011-2012 IBM Herman Goldstine Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences
October 20, 2010

Frank den Hollander has received the ERC Advanced Researcher Grant. We congratulate Frank with this very prestigious result!

September 16 2010, Markus Heydenreich will start as STAR assistant professor in Leiden (60%) and CWI (40%).

Markus was granted a Veni by NWO. Markus Heydenreich uses mathematical models to explain abrupt changes in physical systems

  We congratulate the organizers of  the workshop Statistical inference for Lévy Processes with Applications to Finance, July 15-17, 2009, Chris Klaassen (UvA & EURANDOM), Shota Gugushvili, (VU-Amsterdam & EURANDOM) and Peter Spreij (UvA) with the  Special issue of Statistica Neerlandica.
Dr. Maria Vlasiou was rewarded an NWO grant for her proposal: Error Bounds for Structured Markov Chains 
Starting Grant for top researcher stochastics
The European Research Council (ERC) has granted dr. Johan van Leeuwaarden a so-called Starting Grant. With the grant he can start his project Critical Queues and Reflected Stochastic Processes (CritiQueue). The project will start in 2010 and has a term of five years. (check:tu/e-nieuws)
Honderdste EURANDOM workshop

NAW 5/11 nr. 1 maart 2010

by Connie Cantrijn

Prof. dr. Harry van Zanten (TU/e and EURANDOM) and Prof. dr. Peter Grünwald (CWI and UL and former postdoc at EURANDOM), received the Van Dantzig Prize 2010. The Van Dantzig Prize is awarded every five years by the Dutch Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operationele Research, to a young researcher who has a big impact on today's developments in this field. We congratulate them!
Prof. dr. Peter Grünwald (CWI and UL) former postdoc at EURANDOM, received a VICI-grant for his project called:
"Statistiek als je modellen niet kloppen"
(Safe Statistics)
Dr. Johan van Leeuwaarden obtained a grant in the open competition at NWO for his project
Queues and random walks in the quarter plane
  Dr. Roger Laeven, UvT - Econometrie, senior fellow at EURANDOM
Besmettingsgevaar in financiële markten

VIDI grant
Federico Camia Dr. Federico Camia, VU - Wiskunde, former postdoc at EURANDOM
Random fractals and phase transitions

VIDI grant
Prof. Remco van de Hofstad (EURANDOM, TU/e), Prof. Vladas Sidoravicius (CWI and Leiden Univ.), and Prof. Wendelin Werner (Univ.Paris Sud/Ecole Normal Superieure)  received a ESF grant for a Research Network Programme, RGLIS.
The University of Haifa conferred Onno Boxma (1952) in June 2009 an honorary doctorate. More....
Onderzoek Nederland 17 april, 2009
A fourth cluster - may be.
Besides the three existing maths cluster, in May 2009 a cluster for stochastics will start. http://www.researchdreams.nl/page/570/en
Senior fellow Ivo Adan (1962)  appointed Professor of Stochastic Operations Research & Management in the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
Cursor, January 22, 2009
Netwerken ontrafelen met wiskundige modellen
Disentangle networks with mathematical models

Random walks on high-dimensional incipient infinite clusters (Vrije Competitie)
Random networks: universality in structure and function (Vernieuwingsimpuls VICI)

Eindhovens Dagblad, December 17, 2009
Miljoenen subsidie voor twee toponderzoekers TU/e
Millions of subsidy for two top researchers TU/e

Bert Zwart Bert Zwart hoogleraar bij de VU
Bert Zwart has been appointed professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peter Grünwald benoemd tot hoogleraar in Leiden
Peter Grünwald has been appointed professor Statistical learning at Leiden University, The Netherlands
Statistica Neerlandica Statistica Neerlandica, Vol. 62, Issue 3
Special issue. EURANDOM 1998-2008. A random tour through a decade of research
Stator, december 2008, no. 4
Een onwaarschijnlijke avond met EURANDOM
An Unlikely Evening with EURANDOM
Cursor, October 10, 2008
Publieksavond op TU/e over kansrekening en risico's
Bernouilli News, Vol. 15 (nr. 1), 2008
EURANDOM Jubilee in 2008
Matrix, no. 4, 2007 (page 25)
EURANDOM Jubileum in 2008
Matrix, no. 2, 2008 (page 20)
Kansen, verwachtingen en willekeur
Probabilities, expectations and randomness
Bert Zwart met op de achtergrond Erlang. Wiskundige Bert Zwart ontvangt Erlang-prijs
Mathematician Bert Zwart receives Erlang-price
81 topwetenschappers in het zonnetje
81 top scientists in the spotlight --> Vidi grant for Bert Zwart
CNRS : Centre National de la recherche scientifique EURANDOM est une UMI (Unité Mixte Internationale 3022) du CNRS
Portail Mathématique

Setting up strong partnerships
In: CNRS and Europe
Onderzoek Nederland, 23 mei 2008
Wiskunde kan met weinig heel veel doen
Mathematics can do many things with a relatively small amount of money
NRC Next April 22, 2008
Welke rij in de supermarkt kun je het beste kiezen?
Which row to choose when you are in the supermarket?
Cursor, April 10, 2008
Onderzoek kabelnetwerk Van Leeuwaarden bekroond
Research into cable networks of Van Leeuwaarden has been awarded
TU/e Nieuws-website
Wiskundige modellen maken het internet sneller
Mathematical models make the internet faster
VENI van Leeuwaarden wint dissertatieprijs
Johan van Leeuwaarden wins prize for his dissertation
Self-organisation of sandpile models
Anne Fey-den Boer

Cursor November 8, 2007
Expert getuige’ strafzaak Lucia de B. maakte statistische blunder

‘Expert witness’ the case of Lucia de B. produces statistic gaffe


Cursor June 21, 2007
Beurs voor EURANDOM
Grant for EURANDOM
Cursor March 22, 2007
Prijs voor Van der Hofstad
Prize for Van der Hofstad
Nieuw Archief voor de Wiskunde no. 5/7, December 2006
Goede kansen
Good chances
Cursor November 16, 2006
"Het mooiste is om jonge mensen te zien groeien"
Ït's nice to see young people flourish"
Cursor December 7, 2006
TU/e medal of honor for Wim Senden
Cursor June 22, 2006
Eerste benoemingen 'Women in Science'
First nominations TU/e 'Women in Science' programme
Cursor September 14, 2006
'Women in Science' vormt aanzet tot inhaalslag
'Women in Science' first attempt to catch up
Cursor September 21, 2006
Graag meer vrouwen op de TU/e
More women at the TU/e
Matrix, no. 4, 2006
TU/e streeft naar meer vrouwelijke wetenschappers
TU/e is striving for more female scientists
PIMS Magazine, Vol. 10, Fall 2006
Frank den Hollander: PIMS Distinguished Chair

Cursor September 7, 2006
Een snelle knipbeurt of de schoonheid van een vergelijking
A quick haircut or the beauty of an equation
IMS Bulletin, Volume 35 - Issue 7, 2006
- New IMS Council Member: Frank den Hollander
- Profile: Richard Gill
IMS Bulletin, Volume 35 - Issue 6, 2006
Peter Bickel's Royal Decoration
Peter Bickel, Commander in the Order of Oranje-Nassau, receives the award from Cora Minderhoud,
Consul General of the Netherlands in New York
Cursor April 6, 2006
Batterij laat zich steeds meer kneden naar onze wensen
Batteries are becoming more dedicated
Cursor January 26, 2006
Stochastiek Instituut EURANDOM komt excellent uit visitatie
EURANDOM, Institute for Stochastics, received excellent scores in evaluation



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