Dynamical Systems, Probability Theory and Statistical Mechanics

January 3 until 7, 2005

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Studies of complex phenomena are central to the research areas united by the title of the conference. In the recent years, one has witnessed a remarkable progress in these fields, not least due to a successful application of ideas and methods developed in one area in other areas.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading researchers from various fields to discuss current developments and open problems, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas. The scope of the problems, which we would like to discuss, lies in the intersection of Probability Theory and Information Theory, Dynamical Systems and Statistical Mechanics.

The topics to be discussed include percolation, random walks, symbolic dynamics, coding, entropy and many others. These subjects are important both from pure and applied points of view, and attract researchers from academia and industry.

This workshop is also a tribute to Professor Mike Keane who is a top expert in this field.


Burton, Bob Oregon, USA
Serafin, Jacek Wroclaw, Poland
Steif, Jeffrey Goteborg, Sweden
Martinez, Servet Santiago, Chile
Kamae, Teturo Osaka, Japan
Guivarch, Yves Rennes, France
Strien van, Sebastian Coventry, UK
Walters, Peter Coventry, UK
Weiss, Benjamin Jerusalem, Israel
Shields, Paul Seattle, USA
Kitchens, Bruce Indianapolis, USA
Takens, Floris Groningen, NL
Grimmett, Geoffrey Cambridge, UK
Petersen, Karl Chapel Hill, USA
Rolles, Silke Bielefeld, Germany
Maassen, Hans Nijmegen, NL
Poorten van der, Alf Sydney, Australia
Aaronson, Jon Tel Aviv, Israel
Szász, Domokos Budapest University of Technology
Coven, Ethan Wesleyan, USA

Scientific programme committee

Rob van den Berg (CWI Amsterdam), Michel Dekking (Technical University Delft), Hans van Duijn (Technical University Eindhoven), Chris Klaassen (University of Amsterdam), Ronald Meester (Free University of Amsterdam)

Organizing committee

Frank den Hollander (EURANDOM and TU Eindhoven) Dee Denteneer (Philips Research) Evgeny Verbitskiy (Philips Research)

This workshop is sponsored by    

                 KNAW       Philips

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