Regional Meeting on "Design of Experiments (DOE) and Statistical Process Control (SPC)"

June 24, 2005

EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This is an informal meeting for researchers in the Dutch-Belgian-German border region. The programme has a minimum number of short talks, so that during the lunch break and the poster sessions there is ample opportunity for informal contacts. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Eurandom secretariat or contact Alessandro Di Bucchianico .

preliminary PROGRAMME

10.00-10.30 Coffee & Tea  
10.30-10.40 Opening  
10.40-11.00 Overview of Maastricht group + Relative efficiency of unequal cluster sizes in multilevel intervention studies Berger/Candel
11.00-11.20 Questions inspired by industry: model uncertainty and projections Engel
11.20-11.40 Orthogonal arrays of strength 3 Schoen
11.40-12.00 Break  
12.00-12.20 DOE in observational studies Weihs
12.20-12.40 A short-range balanced, infinite design and its constructive approach Rey
12.40-13.40 Lunch  + poster session  
13.40-14.00 Overview of Leuven group + The Design of Conjoint Choice Experiments Vandebroek/Kessels
14.00-15.00 Continuation of poster session  
15.00 Closing (with drinks)  

Posters by:
Boon, Di Bucchianico, Van Berkum; Statlab: a teaching tool for DOE.
Bekene ; Restricted D-optimal designs for logistic models.
Pumplün, Rüping, Weihs ; Design of Experiments in observational studies .
Czogiel, Lübke, Weihs ; Response Surface Methodology for optimizing meta-parameters of statistical algorithms.
Figarella; Wavelet Approach to Signature Analysis
Ngyuen Van Minh: Some methods for constructing orthogonal arrays.
Snihir: Karhunen-Loève expansions and battery management.
Van de Ven: Equivalence of three estimators for dispersion effects in 2-level fractional factorial designs.
Henkenjohann, Langewiesche : Optimization of the sheet metal spinning process by means of adaptive sequential designs and hyper-models.
Yu: The importance of attribute interactions in conjoint choice design and modeling.


Universität Dortmund Claus Weihs  
Irina Czogiel
Karsten Lübke
Constance Pumplün
Nadine Henkenjohann
TU Eindhoven Arjeh Cohen 
Man Nguyen Van Minh
Emiel van Berkum
Jan van Gellecum
Nico Adams
CQM (Eindhoven) Jan Engel
EURANDOM Alessandro Di Bucchianico
Talía Figarella
Peter van de Ven
Iryna Snihir
William Rey
Universiteit Antwerpen Peter Goos
TU Eindhoven/TNO Eric Schoen
KU Leuven Martina Vandebroek 
Roselinde Kessels
Bart Vermeulen
Jie Yu
Louvain-la-Neuve Bernadette Govaerts
Universiteit Maastricht Martijn Berger
Fetene Bekele
Gerard van Breukelen
Math Candel
Valaria Lima Passos
Shirley Ortega
Universität Münster Heiko Großmann


The meeting will take place at EURANDOM, Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2nd floor of the Laplace Building, room LG 1.115.

For details on how to reach EURANDOM, please consult

The conference room is standard equipped with two overhead projectors, two large blackboards, beamer and notebook (Windows or UNIX), whiteboard and flip over.


Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Eindhoven University of Technology/EURANDOM,

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