10th Anniversary EURANDOM

 "An unlikely evening with EURANDOM"

 Thursday October 23, 2008, 7.30 - 10.15 pm

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven,
Auditorium, Collegezaal 4

 Why am I always in the wrong queue?  
  Do I have more chance of a prize winning choice, if the quizmaster already opened one door?
Is it better to look at the bus schedule or to go whenever fits best?

Some knowledge of mathematics may help to solve such questions in daily life

Programme (for details on subjects see below)

7.00-7.30 pm

Welcome in Auditorium Collegezaal 4, with coffee and tea
"congress"entrance (accessible via carpark)
7.30-8.15 pm
Mathematical view on credit risks
title contains a link to the slides
Professor Wim Schoutens
8.15-8.45 pm
Break in restaurant 'zwarte doos'
8.45-9.30 pm
Wanna bet?  View on mathematical paradoxes.
Professor Remco van der Hofstad
9.30-10.15 pm
Answers to compelling questions
10.15 pm
End of the “Unlikely evening with EURANDOM”.
Reviewing with a drink at hand in 'de zwarte doos',

Don't leave anything to chance!

EURANDOM is an institute within the TU/e specialized in research in statistics, probability theory and stochastic operations research. We would like to cordially invite you to a "Unlikely evening with EURANDOM" on October 23, where you will be introduced to our specific area of research in a layman-way! During this evening you will step into the world of chance and we will show that mathematicians have a lot to say about (and maybe even influence) CHANCE.

Mathematical view on credit risks

The evening will start with a currently high profiled  subject: credit risks.Financial institutions make constant use of mathematical models and methods to make quick and sound decisions on buying/selling of shares and options. Professor Wim Schoutens will explain in accessible terms how this works.

Wanna bet?

Subsequently professor Remco van der Hofstad will show us some paradoxes. Wanna bet - like Remco- that in a classroom of 25 children, there are at least 2 children who share the same birthday? And why are you waiting longer than the average 10 minutes at the busstop, (when the busschedule shows there is a bus coming every 20 minutes), when you arrive at any given time?

Answers to compelling questions

Rounding of the evening we will go into the mathematical problems/questions, which have been put forward by the participants of the evening (see registrationform below). Do you want to know what the chance is that Lucia de B.  was found guilty whilst being innocent? Or are you interested in your chance to win the lottery?
Don't leave it to chance and come and listen!!

Your statistics-probability question can be sent, before October 14 using the registration form below. The most interesting/popular questions will be discussed on October 23!

There are no costs involved for participants.

Intrigued by all this and want to participate?
Please submit the registration form, before October 14.



Location: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Den Dolech 2, 5612 AZ Eindhoven, Auditorium, Collegezaal 4.

For details click Campus MAP

The university is located at 10 minutes walking distance from Eindhoven railway station (take the exit north side and walk towards the tall building on the right with the sign TU/e).

For information on how to come to Eindhoven, please check www.eurandom.tue.nl/Location.htm

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