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SWI 2012


  30 January - 3 February 2012       










Current problems:

Company   Problem Presentations

Future Challenges in the Electricity Grid Infrastructure

Philips Lighting

Efficient Ray-tracing Method for Non-imaging Optics Presentation 03-02-12

Optimization of Life Time of Sensor Networks


Structural Integrity of Marine Structures  
Tata Steel

Image Recognition of Shape Defects in Hot Steel Rolling  
Bartels Engineering Building a Mountain in the Netherlands Presentation 30-01-12
Presentation 03-02-12


Past Problems (and their Solutions):

The solutions are presented here in full scientific form.
For solutions in laymen's terms, please see the Media section.

SWI 2011

January 24 - 28, Amsterdam
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
NXP Semiconductors place and route for analog designs (description)
Statkraft   (description)
MARIN Manoeuvring Behaviour of Ships (description)
Chess Counting in a wireless sensor network (description)
Netherlands Forensic Institute   (description)
Deltares   (description)

SWI 2010

72nd ESGI

January 25 - 29, Amsterdam
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
MARIN design an optimization algorithm to keep a ship at sea fixed in place, using GPS data and thrusters (description)
KEMA how many solar panels can you and your neighbors install before you cause a power outage? (description)
Stork Food Systems model the flow of poultry through a meat processing unit (description)
Phytocare optimize algae growth for the removal of fertilizer from greenhouse run-off (description)
ERA compute the positions of a mobile network, given absolute positions of a few (description)

SWI 2009

January 26 - 30, Wageningen
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
DHV Water Pumping Optimization (description)
DSM Stiffening While Drying (description)
Albemarle Catalysts Company Mixing and Modelling: How Mathematics may mix Molecules (description)
Rabobank A Hybrid Model for the Financial Industry (description)
KNMI An objective method to associate local weather extremes with characteristic circulation stuctures (description)
Marin Parametric roll of ships (description)

SWI 2008

63rd ESGI

January 28 - February 1, Enschede
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
Corus Distribution of alloying elements in the aluminium casting process (description)
Dutch Railways Shunting of Passenger Train Units (description)
NXP Equilibrium states of an electrostatically actuated MEMS switch (description)
Thales Distributed Sensor Systems (description)
Waterboard Regge en Dinkel Mathematical challenge waterboard Regge en Dinkel (description)
AMC - Philips Characterising and Analysing Intracerebral Electrical Activity (description)

SWI 2007

58th ESGI

January 29 - February 2, Utrecht

Company Problem Details
AMC Modeling a heart pump  
KLM Cabin crew rostering at KLM: optimization of reserves  
ASML A sampling problem from lithography for chip layout  
Innogrow Optimizing a closed greenhouse  
UMC Understanding the electromagnetic field in an MRI scanner  
ING The ING problem: a problem from the financial industry  
ING Three approaches to extend the Heston model  
ING A semi closed-form analytic pricing formula for call options in a hybrid Heston–Hull–White model  
ING Characteristic function of the hybrid Heston–Hull–White model  

SWI 2006

55th ESGI

January 30 - February 3, Eindhoven
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
Netherlands Metrology Institute (NMi) Calibration of pressure measurement (description)
Teijin Twaron - DSM Modelling the proportion of bullets that pass through a vest (description)
Chess Analysis and optimization of message delivery in wireless sensor networks (description)
Nucletron Reconstruction of needle-positions in radiation treatment (description)
ASML Optimizing the release policy of software versions (description)
DSM Modelling a diffusion-reaction process (description)

SWI 2005

January 31 - February 4, Amsterdam

Company Problem Details
  Optimal weighing schemes  
  Planning drinking water for airplanes  
  Partitioning a call graph  
  Selection effects in forensic science  
  The mathematical modelling of cooling and rewarming patients during cardiac surgery  
  Mathematical Techniques for Neuromuscular Analysis  

SWI 2004

48th ESGI

March 15 - 19, Delft
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
AOT Trading ADR Option Trading (description)
Court of Audit Isolating and correcting errors while auditing accounts (description)
Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Is there a financial life after an error? (caused by accounting) (description)
Teijin Twaron The rotor spinning process for fibre production (description)
Demis Zoning problem in determining environmental impacts of traffic (description)
Filtrix & X-Flow Leakage Detection Method (description)
  Will the ringing of the Bourdon bell damage the skewed tower of the Old Church in Delft? (description)

SWI 2003

45th ESGI

February 17 - 21, Leiden
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) Quality forecasting of a flight schedule (description, solution)
Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (RIVO) Model the expanding Pacific oyster in the Dutch seas (description, solution)
Philips Research Laboratories Model the behaviour of a droplet of polymer solution in an ink-jet printer (description, solution)
Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) Design a probability model for toolmarks for the Netherlands Forensic Institute (description, solution)
National Carillon Museum Optimize the way to hang bells and wire construction of a carillon in a tower (description, solution)

SWI 2002

42nd ESGI

February 18 - 22, Amsterdam
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
Artis Royal Zoo Cooling overheated fish (description)
Philips Research - NatLab Better compression of audio-signals (description)
Magma Design Automation Placing components on chips (description)
Natuur & Techniek Diffusion of euro coins over Europe (project)
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) Determine temperatures from ancient times using fossil sea organisms (description)
Phytocare Better advice to rose cultivators (description)

SWI 2000

39th ESGI

October 9 - 13, Enschede
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
Gerjak Tent geometries for caravans (description)
Vital Scientific Blood analysis instrument (description)
KPN Research Impact of mobility on UMTS network planning (description)
KPN Research Multi-media Call Centers (description)
Skopos WWW labels (description)
Shell International Exploration and Production Tomography (description)
Dow Benelux Heat and flow control in extrusion (description)

SWI 1999

36th ESGI

November 15 - 19, Eindhoven

Company Problem Details
Akzo Nobel Color Matching (solution)
Philips Research - NatLab On compact models for high-voltage MOS devices (solution)
TRESPA Modelling of moisture induced warp in panels containing wood fibers (solution)
National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) Windtunnel model position and orientation (solution)
KPN Research Cache as ca$h can (solution)
Schlumberger Displacement of a viscoplastic fluid in an inclined slot (solution)
Ericsson Route information from a central route planner (solution)

SWI 1998

33rd ESGI

September 14 - 18, Leiden
(website, proceedings)

Company Problem Details
Netherlands Metrology Institute (NMi), Van Swinden Laboratorium The t-factor for a non Gaussian distribution (description, solution)
KPN Research Throughput of ADSL modems (description, solution)
ELDIM Laser percussion drilling (description, solution)
TRESPA Thermally pressing corner profiles (description, solution)
Dr. Daniel den Hoed Kliniek Pattern recognition in CT scans (description, solution)
Akzo Nobel Central Research Instability in fiber spinning (description, solution)


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