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Young European Probabilists workshop series



One of the main goals of EURANDOM is to give talented young researchers the possibility to further develop and find their way to tenured positions in academia and industry.
One of the ways to carry out this task is via appointments of young researchers and/or "hospitality" for postdocs and PhD students with grants to work at EURANDOM and interact with colleagues in the same area, visit workshops and seminars and meet workshop participants and visitors ("focus and mass").
Another instrument are workshops in general, but very important for young researchers are the so called Young European Probabilists (YEP) workshops, with which we now have over 5 years of experience. They bring together young people in a very effective and productive way.
In view of the fact that the YEP workshops are so highly successful, we expanded the workshop program with YES (Young European Statisticians) and YEQT (Young European Queueing Theorists) and from 2010 YEFM (Young European Financial Mathematicians).
The special feature of this type of workshop is an intensive contribution by young scientists themselves. They are themselves leading in choosing themes and speakers, and have many opportunities to share recent experiences and scientific problems.
The ideal programme roughly consists of three half-day tutorials, five half days for presentations, and one half day for a social event, ending the week on Friday after lunch.





With special thanks and acknowledgement for the contributions of the sponsors


XII - March 23 - 27, 2015
Random walk in random environment

XI - March 10-14, 2014
Mass transport in analysis and probability

X - Jan 8-9, 2013
Random Polymers

IX - Feb 27 - Mar 2, 2012
Two-dimensional statistical mechanics

VIII -March 14-18, 2011
Stochastic Models for Population Dynamics

VII - March 8-12, 2010
Probability, random trees and algorithms

VI - March 23-27, 2009
Fragmentation, coalescence and probabilistic genetics

V - March 10-14, 2008
Statistical Mechanics on Random Structures

IV - March 19-23, 2007
Random Graphs and Complex Networks

III - March 20-24, 2006
Large deviations, random media, and random matrices

II - March 14-18, 2005
Self-similar random structures Hausdorff dimension and branching

I - March 29-April 2, 2004
Conformal invariance, scaling limits and percolation



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