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About Eurandom


Organization and history

Eurandom is a foundation established in 1997 by NWO and TU/e. The board consists of the rector of TU/e, the dean of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and a third member to be appointed by the actual board members. The Board is assisted by a Scientific Council, advising on matters of scientific policy and strategy. The institute Eurandom is embedded in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, TU/e and is located on the campus of TU/e.

At the start of the institute, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OC&W) awarded Eurandom with a five-year start-up funding, through a special budget for international facilities (4.5 M Euro). This was supplemented with a start-up funding by NWO and TU/e. At that time, Eurandom was a postdoc institute. It's main goal was to recruit and train talented young researchers and help them to find their way to tenured positions in academic and industry. Maintaining a visitor and workshop program were instruments for collaboration and dissemination.
In 2002 TU/e and NWO decided to continue providing the basic funding for Eurandom up to and including 2007, based on the “Eurandom Business Plan 2003-2007”.
In 2007 TU/e, both the general board and the department of Mathematics and Computer Science decided to continue supporting the institute after splitting up foundation and institute.

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