Scientific Advisory Council and Ambassadors

The Scientific Advisory Council plays an instrumental role in evaluating topics for workshops and offering advise on speakers to invite from various areas in Stochastics. It consists of leading scientific experts who roughly represent the three main thematic pillars of Eurandom.


Random Spatial Structures (RSS)
Frank Redig Delft University of Technology
Queueing & Performance Analysis (QPA)
Michel Mandjes University of Amsterdam
Statistical Information Structures (SIM)
Johannes Schmidt-Hieber University of Twente

Eurandom also has  Network of Ambassadors,  who operate in close consultation with the Scientific Advisory Council and the Scientific Director. The ambassadors belong to a select company of prominent early-career researchers, associated with the three main thematic threads.  They will play a vital role in spearheading the organization of future workshops around a wide range of topical subjects and emerging directions.


Joris Bierkens Delft University of Technology
Cristobal Guzman University of Twente
Stephanie van der Pas Amsterdam UMC / Leiden University
Katharina Proksch University of Twente
Alessandra Cipriani Delft University of Technology
Benedikt Jahnel WIAS-Berlin
Arnaud Le Ny Le Laboratoire d’analyse et de mathématiques appliquées (LAMA)
Wioletta Ruszel University of Utrecht
Gianmarco Bet University of Florence
Céline Comte CNRS
Pierre Nyquist KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Alessandro Zocca VU Amsterdam


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