Stella Kapodistria TU/e PI in DeSIRE

Fotografie :Vincent v. d. Hoogen

The 4TU Federation will invest 4.5 million Euro in energizing research and research capacity in the field of resilience technology in the coming years. We are very proud to announce that Dr. Stella Kapodistria is the principal investigator and leader of the TU/e effort in the research program “Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering” (DeSIRE) .
The research program was awarded in response to the 4TU-call “High Tech for a Sustainable Future”. The aim of this program is to conduct excellent research of societal value by connecting advances in resilience engineering with adaptive principles of societal resilience. This ambitious program brings together 43 participants from 12 departments of all four universities of the 4TU.

To read more on DeSIRE, please to go website M&CS-TU/e



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